Chicago Veterinary Specialty Group

Chicago Veterinary Specialty GroupDenise and her cat Jimmy.

“The staff and Dr. Luethy are very friendly and seem to genuinely treat my kitty very kindly. Besides seeming to really care about Jimmy and his condition, Dr. Luethy is very considerate when delivering the results, and explains the condition, expected prognosis and possible symptoms very thoroughly.

Amy and her dog Penny.

“Everything was great. Dr. Ghantous always remembers details about previous visits with Penny and her condition and while I’m sure he writes notes, it is clear he cares about people’s pets.

Marilyn and her dog Peewee.

“The doctor (Dr. Niman) has an amazing ability to relate, explain, and help us keep things in perspective. His compassion is obvious. All staff members were professional and courteous.

Kenni and her dog Penni.

“Dr. Vinayak was extremely helpful. She took the time to confirm that I not only heard her, but that I totally understood what she was explaining; even taking the time to draw the knee for me. She patiently answered all my questions and concerns.

Michelle and her cat Pixel.

“Services and care provided was exceptional. Dr. Neihaus, the surgical technicians and the ER staff were all very kind and courteous when I had interactions with them. We are very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and everything that Dr. Neihaus did for us.

The Chicago Veterinary Specialty Group is a comprehensive team of board certified specialists that are committed to providing your companion animals with compassionate, high quality care using the latest state of the art equipment. We know that pets are like family and we work in partnership with you and your primary care veterinarian to help your pets live healthy, happy lives. After setting partnership with Kellys Kennels. a British puppy breeder, we may state that our cooperation is of international nature.

Our commitement is to secure sound health of your pet by referring to cutting-edge technologies, rich clinical expertise and 24/7 access to the vital veterinary information you may require.

EMERGENCY For emergencies, please visit the CVESC Emergency site immediately.

Watch Lily Run After Her Second ACL Surgery.

Check out these fantastic videos we received from Lily and her owners Gary and Cathy S. Lily had not one, but two ACL surgeries with Dr. Vinayak, one of our board-certified veterinary surgeons. We are so thrilled to see Lily happily running in the weeds and doing so well after her knee surgeries. Lily s owners also sent us [ ]. READ MORE.

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